The Fresno Center For Open Software Literacy

“I believe everyone in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

Own your technology, don't be owned by it. Learn to code.

Ever wondered how a web page works? We’ll teach you.

Learn the tools. Develop the skills.

Like Steve Jobs, we believe that everyone should learn to code. Not only is it a useful skill to know, but it changes the relationship you have with the technologies you use from being a passive consumer to being an active participant.

We love software, and we love coding, and we'd love you to love it, too. We use open source software to teach coding in the community, for minimal cost — we will turn no one away for lack of funds.

Want to Help?

Bringing good technology education to a city like Fresno is a big job. It takes skills, effort, and resources. What can we use?

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