The Fresno Center For Open Software Literacy

We got to wondering just how small we could make a serious web server.

This small! Say hello to the nanonet.

One of the first projects we've put together at Liberating Software was an effort to show people just how powerful a cheap computer can be. We took a TP-Link TL-MR3040 "travel router", a device that costs less than $35 on Amazon , and replaced all of the software on it with a very tiny Linux-based operating system called OpenWrt, a project which is available in source code form for anyone who wants to use it, modify it, or tinker with it.

We then used to to run a full web server hosting a promotional web site for Liberating Software that we could carry around and show to people, just to give them an idea of some of the fun we're going to be having.

We only have one nanonet box right now, so you'll have to be where it is to see it running — we'll be showing it off during "Hour of Code" week — but you can see the web site it runs right here.